High Paying Jobs In Canada Without A University Degree

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You can achieve a successful career without necessarily having to acquire a degree, because obtaining a degree needs a lot of time and commitment, and not many people can attain it.

The Canadian strong and fast-growing economy can help you by landing you a high paying job.

It is agreed that a University degree can give you your dream job; an ideal job can also be gotten through other routes.

There are a number of high paying jobs in Canada you can get without having to possess a University degree according to a recent report conducted.

It is also included in the report that although University-level education may not be attainable by everyone, there are some training and certifications that may be required for the high paying roles.

An instance could be, there are specific programming languages that need to be learned and mastered to become a good programmer.

Listed below are those industries, their salary range, and reasons why they look promising.

  1. Transit Drivers {annual paycheck of $73,000-$100,000}.

All you need to do to get this job is a high school diploma, and a valid driver‟s license that is acceptable, devoid of suspensions and meets all requirements for a class “C” license.

  1. App Developers {ranging from $50,000-$70,000}.
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App development and design is an ideal industry to get into, as most schools offer diploma programs that can be completed in less than two years.

  1. Construction {entry level helper or laborer earns $30,000 annually while Electrician or construction manager can earn up to $70,000 annually}.

More than 7% of Canada‟s GDP was taken record of by the construction company in 2015.

There is plenty of hope in the country as the government has spent double the usual amount in infrastructure over the next decades.

As expected, the construction workforce will have high records in the years 2018 and 2019 due to the major ongoing projects in the province of BC like the development of pipelines and LNG plants.

In subsequent years, there could be an increased workforce in the growth of home renovation, non-residential construction, and maintenance.

  1. Animation
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This is dependent on your position and level of experience.

Graphic art technicians, graphic illustrators, and interactive media developers are said to earn around $50,000-$55,000 annually.

There is an expected rapid growth in Canada‟s animation market, as this is a major market.

Most schools now offer diploma programs that take just between one to two years to complete, so with little education, you have a chance of securing a high paying job.

Many digital entertainment developers have made Canada their choice due to the low cost of production in the country.

  1. Tourism and Hospitality

It is possible for individuals to get many positions with little or no education/experience.

Those who serve food and beverages earn $22,000 yearly. Nonetheless, there are other exciting positions like accommodation service management, and all you need to do is complete a program in less than two years and earn up to $58,000 yearly!

Predictions have shown that unfulfilled jobs will be created across the country by 2035, as the labor supply will be outpaced by tourism and hospitality labor demand.

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With this, the expansive industry is not mandated to cool off in no time.

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Over 1.6million jobs have been boosted in past years by tourism spending with hotels and restaurants inclusive.

As time goes on, its yearly revenue turnover has amounted in billions.

Note: it is of a necessity that we take note of the fact that wages vary and this is dependent on the area you choose to work.


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