For Your Own Good! Don’t Do Any Of These 9 Things If You Just Broke Up With Your Partner

For Your Own Good! Don’t Do Any Of These 9 Things If You Just Broke Up With Your Partner

A broken heart is more painful than the deepest cut.

For cuts, you can run to the doc, and get stitched up and heal in a week or so. Broken hearts, on the other hand, are like an itch that cannot be scratched. You just have to sit there and pray the pain shows mercy and goes away.

The only thing one is advised to do is to try and move on, and not beat yourself up wishing you had done better. Sure, learn from your mistakes but never blame yourself to the point of giving yourself a migraine or taking your life.

Here are 9 things you should never do after a break up:

1. Trying to be friends.
Don’t be tempted to become friends with your ex. You will end up getting hurt even more because it’s hard to move on if you keep making contact. What if you stumble on the new catch? Are you prepared?

2. Stalking his or her new catch.
Stalking the new catch has to be the worst idea ever. What if he or she is hotter than you? Then what? You will go back home and cry some more tears. What if he or she is uglier than you? You will laugh at first and it still won’t change the fact that you have broken up. I think it’s even worse if the new catch is uglier because it means you had no value but your looks. In short, you were that annoying, that he or she just had to leave; whatever the cost. Just forget about your ex and if you have to block your ex to avoid the temptation to stalk, the better! Don’t think too much about it.

3. Taking sweet revenge.
It’s never sweet; only evil. Don’t take revenge on your ex for breaking up with you because once you have done whatever revenge you feel you need to do, you will always question your motives. After all is said and done, you will regret it. Some people steal someone’s property or destroy it. Others go ranting on social media, and others even leak stuff on Whatsapp. Revenging will never bring him or her back and even if you destroy someone’s image or property, it will not take away the pain. Your only best friend at such a time is TIME. Time is the best healer. Leave with your dignity intact.

4. Stalking your ex online and in the neighborhood.
I know it’s tempting to find out what your ex has been up to since you broke up but what if you get to know, then what? Give yourself time to move on. Unfriend them, and let that be like a past chapter in your book.

5. Having a rebound.
Having a rebound is the worst mistake one can make. Some say rebounds are a way to heal the pain but they are wrong. You will always have unresolved emotions in your heart and trust me, your next catch will pay for it; dearly.

6. Causing drama everywhere.
Don’t be dramatic. Ask for closure if need be, then try hard to move on from the relationship. Otherwise, you will be labeled “bitter” which will piss you off even more.

7. Listen to sad music.
Don’t listen to sad music. It will only make you emotional and provoke you to hold on to memories that will not help you move on. Since it’s over, how about looking forward?

8. Begging your ex to come back.
Don’t beg your ex to come back in your life. By the time it gets to a break up, I am sure you had more of the bad moments than the good ones. Do you want to go back to that state of affairs? Time heals; it’s only a matter of time before you get back on your feet.

9. Getting stressed every single moment.
Don’t get stressed over a break up. Have a positive attitude and try to stay busy, so as to forget about the past. The best way to avoid stress is to get out of the house and go out and about.

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