Tips on Creating Your Next Album Art

After months or even years spent in the studio, you have invested a lot of energy, emotion, time and money into creating, recording, mixing and mastering your music. The work is not finished yet, it is
time to package your music for distribution to your fans all across the world.

For most fans, the Album Art will be an artistic reminder of the collection of songs contained in that album. What this means is that your album art needs to adequately portray the vibe and theme of the
songs it includes. However, in the digital era, the modes of design have changed.

Hiring the best talent to design your album cover can be a daunting task. One sure way is going through the Commercial Art Portfolio of various designers to see their tastes and if they can indeed deliver what you are looking for in your album art.

So, how best can you design your album art or have it designed for you? Here are some tips on creating your next album art.

Do Not Print Lyrics on the Cover Your album has around ten songs. Printing the lyrics of all those songs in the album booklet is next to impossible. It will take up space to list the credits, features and copyright information, and nobody will spend his or her time reading the lyrics in that small font.

A wise idea could be having the lyrics of each song posted on your website and themed with the album art. You can provide the URL to your site on the album booklet.
Social Media Links Are Not Necessary
Back in the day, almost all the artists had their Myspace links printed on their album packaging.

Currently, this is so outdated because social media sites too become obsolete. Listing your website address is a better idea since it will stick with you for a long time running.
Thumbnail Mindset.

A massive number of your fans will come across your music on the internet. On the music review blogs and other digital platforms, your Album Art will appear as a thumbnail more often than not.

Before releasing your album art design, scale it down to a smaller image and observe it in detail. If it is bright and attractive, you have a good design. Otherwise, you will have to go back and redesign it again.

Your Name Should Be Visible One of the essential details of album art is the band or artist’s name. Your album’s cover may have a blend of various images and colors.

Ensure that your name is not hidden within the art. As a matter of fact, your name should be easily visible while still complementing the album art.

Minimalism Is Not Bad At times, less is more. Designers, both those who are experienced and novices, do understand that a minimalistic approach is always helpful during the design stage. Keeping it simple can unleash a plethora of excellent designs. With the various design tools at hand, one can be easily carried away.
Nonetheless, simple artwork can connect better with your fans than overly complicated artwork.

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